About Us

Easy Job References is the combination of two disciplines. Human Resources and Information Technology. It’s inventors represent expertise into both areas.


Bill Ritzel gave in to his entrepreneurial spirit more than 25 years ago when he started his own computer consulting company. During that time, he’s designed and implemented systems in a number of industries, with an emphasis in healthcare.

He has worked in roles from programmer to Director of IT, with staffs of up to eighty people in both small companies and large corporate environments and government agencies, including IBM, EPA, Dept. of Labor, and Cognos. Bill is responsible for the initial web presence for two companies.

Bill had an idea and applied for a process patent to put job references on the Internet, and was awarded the patent in 2005. His first site to help HR professionals get candidate references quickly and easily was JobReferenceDepot.com, which has now morphed into EasyJobReferences.com

Our Value

Easy Job References offers a secure way of posting and accessing employment recommendations in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

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