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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Work with Easy Job References?

As a Jobseeker:

  • You have a centralized place to house information on your references.
  • Once a reference giver logs in and provides a detailed reference, it remains in our database, accessible to future recruiters and prospective employers.
  • Your references can be checked immediately, regardless of the giver's availability.
  • If you change positions, your reference givers will not have to supply the same information multiple times.

As a Reference Giver:

  • You'll reduce the number of times you receive and return calls for references.
  • You can give the reference at your convenience.
  • You can provide a reference while the jobseeker's abilities are fresh in your mind .

As an Employer or Recruiter

  • Obtaining the reference detail from a web site is quicker and less expensive than calling, and eliminates "playing phone tag" with a reference giver.
  • You can get detailed references in a timely manner, immediately after it is provided, avoiding losing the placement due to delays in obtaining the reference such as vacations, work travel, time zones, etc.
  • The formatted reference is emailed to you, eliminating your effort in note taking and transcribing the phone conversation.

How to ensure the reference is authentic? How does it work?

We have taken steps to attempt to distance the Jobseeker from the Reference Giver. The Reference Giver receives an email with unique login information that is unknown to the Jobseeker. Also, the Jobseeker cannot read or modify the reference detail, just as he could not listen in to a phone reference or comment on it. Easy Job References t can't guarantee integrity, but if the person is honest, you’re going to get the same, or better, references from the site than you would from a phone interview.

This has traditionally been a question with references, even when the reference was obtained by phone. Some think that you are able to gain better insight from speaking to a reference by listening to the person’s voice. But you never know whether or not the person on the phone is actually the one the jobseeker indicated. Consider how many times the reference giver returns the call; since you did not initiate the call, you can’t be sure who that person is, or where he’s calling from. Bottom line: it all boils down to the honesty and integrity of the jobseeker.

What are the costs involved?

There is never a cost to the Jobseeker or Reference Givers. The Recruiter/Employer pays a nominal fee per reference request, which should be less than the cost for their time, transcription efforts, and phone bill attempting to obtain the same reference the traditional way.

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