Our Process

We built our system to improve the process of requesting job references. Jobseekers, Reference Givers, Recruiters and Employers will love the convenience!

Employer or Recruiter

  • Sign up here by purchasing the number of credits you need
  • Create your reference request by selecting a preformatted form or creating your own
  • Add the reference giver details.  Click send and the system will send a request to the reference giver
  • You will be notified by email and your dashboard will be updated with the reference giver responses

Reference Giver

  • Receives an email from Easy Job References notifying him/her that the Jobseeker has requested a reference from them
  • Uses the instructions provided in the email to login to EasyJobReferences.com and post his/her reference by answering a set of questions posted by the Employer or Recruiter.
  • Leaves a confidential reference that will only be viewable by prospective Employers/Recruiters who have been given the Jobseeker’s permission to request the information.

Job Seeker

  • Provide your references to your Potential Employer/Recruiter with Name, Company, Phone and Email
  • Your Potential Employer/Recruiter will contact your Reference Giver using our automated system
  • This makes it less stressful for your Reference Giver trying to coordinate time to meet.  And ensures they will respond promptly.
  • After providing your list of references to your Potential Employer/Recruiter you can sit back knowing that they are using our automated system to speed up the process for you!

"As a beta tester of this online system, I can say it works great. I was able to cut out the back and forth time and multiple voicemails that it took to get the responses I needed to get the job references for my candidate. That means I saved time and money!

– John Peterson

Ready To Get Started?

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